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TrayStatus 1.1 Released

I am very happy to announce the release of TrayStatus 1.1! This new version of TrayStatus fixes a few hard drive monitoring issues, and adds a handy Settings window, instead of editing an INI file by hand. Do you have a notebook or keyboard without a NumLock or CapsLock indicator light? Do you have a computer without a hard drive activity light? If so, then TrayStatus is for you. I recently purchased a notebook that had no indicator lights at all, and after a couple of weeks I got frustrated and created TrayStatus. TrayStatus can show you the following information in your taskbar's notification area (system tray):

  • Num Lock status
  • Caps Lock status
  • Scroll Lock status
  • Hard Drive activity (read or write) with current speed in a tooltip

If you need to show this information in your taskbar, download the new version of TrayStatus today!

Mar 22, 2010  • #1
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