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iTunes Sync MP3 Player Support UpdateiTunes Sync MP3 Player Support Update

June 23, 2007

Thanks to the tremendously positive feedback I have received from many people regarding iTunes Sync, I have been able to add a dozen devices so far to the Tested MP3 Players List. There is a healthy mix of makes and models, along with a couple cell phones as well. Keep that feedback rolling in using the Contact Me link at the top of the page to have your device, name and a link to your website (if you want) added to the tested MP3 players list. A big thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback so far - without your feedback iTunes Sync couldn't have developed to the point it is at now. Thanks!

iTunes Sync v1.3 ReleasediTunes Sync v1.3 Released

June 19, 2007

Let's get right down to business. iTunes Sync v1.3 has been released and includes many requested features and many fixes:

  • Added new file formats to check for when synching: mp4, aiff, flac, m4a, m4p, m4v, 3gp, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg
  • With the new file formats iTunes Sync should now support video podcast (vodcasts) synching
  • Moved the settings file to the User's appdata folder, instead of storing it in the install folder under Program Files - this should help with Vista permissions. iTunes Sync will migrate old settings into the new location and delete the old config file
  • Got rid of the "identification file or folder" scheme (see blog post for reasoning)
  • Implemented a new sync method. Now you pick a drive when synching - this is in preparation for MTP support currently in development
  • Stores the volume label of the last device you synched to and selects it automatically in the device list next time you sync
  • Corrected a spelling mistake in the Confirm Sync window
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly calculated the free space of a drive while deleting files
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes

The biggest change is the elimination of the "identification file or folder" setting. This confused a number of people when trying to get their MP3 player to sync, so after much debate I decided to scrap it all together. I originally implemented it this way because I had been using iTunes Agent for so long, and had gotten used to it. However, I believe this new system will be better in the long run, especially when MTP support (currently in development) is released. So, now you just configure your device by giving it a name, sync path, playlist and folder structure. Simple. No creating files on the device for iTunes Sync to search for. When you want to sync you just choose your MP3 player from the list, choose a drive from the list of available drives and voila, sync magic happens. iTunes Sync will remember which drive volume label you used for each device and will automatically select it for you next time. Another big change is the addition of many more file extensions, which as a bonus also allows iTunes Sync to copy over vodcasts (video podcasts) to your device.

If you have any problems, questions, concerns, suggestions or anything else just jump over to the Discussion Forum.

Clipboard Text Scrubber v1.1 ReleasedClipboard Text Scrubber v1.1 Released

June 18, 2007

A minor update to Clipboard Text Scrubber has been released.

It fixes a few little problems and cleans some things up:

  • Switched message boxes to tray balloons because they are less intrusive
  • Added an "About" and "Help" item to the menu
  • Renamed "Close" menu item to "Exit"
  • Re-jigged the order of the menu items
  • Bumped version from 1.1 to match new versioning scheme

iTunes Sync Enhanced MP3 Player SupportiTunes Sync Enhanced MP3 Player Support

June 17, 2007

I'm sure you all can imagine how many emails I have received from people asking me to add support for new MP3 players in iTunes Sync (trust me, it's a lot). So far my biggest problem with adding MP3 player support has been getting a hold of different devices to test with. It's nearly impossible! I have tested with as many devices as I can gather from my friends, but unfortunately this doesn't include any Sansa devices or Sony devices. These are by far the most requested devices to add support for, but so far have been the trickiest to find for testing. I am hard at work building in MTP support for a future version which will add support for a huge number of devices, but I'm not sure about the Sansa or Sony devices. If you have one of these devices, and you are somewhat technically inclined, I invite you to contact me about testing private builds of iTunes Sync.

A big thanks to everyone who has contacted me so far about results with their MP3 players. It has been a huge help, so keep those emails coming!

iTunes Sync Website UpdatesiTunes Sync Website Updates

June 16, 2007

In addition to posting iTunes Sync v1.2 last night I also had a chance to update and post some new pages. The Help page has been updated with v1.2 information and is more complete than it was a couple days ago. I have posted a Tested MP3 Players page to keep track of MP3 players that are working and not working. If you have had success with iTunes Sync I invite you to contact me and let me know what device you have. I will add your device to the tested players list and give you credit for the testing, including a link back to your site. Last, but not least, is the new Change Log. The main iTunes Sync page was getting a bit cluttered so I moved the change log onto it's own page.

I have been steadily receiving emails about requested features and requested device support so I'm building the change list for v1.3 this weekend. Keep an eye open for the new version next week sometime. If you have something you would like to see included just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

iTunes Sync v1.2 ReleasediTunes Sync v1.2 Released

June 16, 2007

iTunes Sync v1.2 has been released into the wild. This version has many requested features and some interface tweaks.

iTunes Sync

Changes for this version:

  • Added support for synching to subfolders on the MP3 player (for example, the \Music\ folder instead of just synching everything to the root)
  • Added an "Album" folder structure option (total of 4 now) that looks like this: \Album\Artist - Song.mp3
  • Renamed "Device" to "MP3 Player" throughout the website and application
  • Added a checkbox to allow synching without having to delete the files on the MP3 player first (defaults to not delete)
  • Show a warning if no MP3 players are configured when opening the "Synchronize MP3 Players" window
  • Show a warning if no MP3 players are connected when opening the "Synchronize MP3 Players" window
  • Now Highlights the "Files to Delete" box in red if it is going to delete files
iTunes Sync

Go and grab the new version of iTunes Sync right now!

iTunes Sync v1.1 ReleasediTunes Sync v1.1 Released

June 13, 2007

iTunes Sync v1.1 has been released into that wild party known as the internet. It has a ton of bug fixes and enhancements, so I recommend that everyone update to the new version. Here's a quick rundown on the changes:

  • Added 2 other folder structure types for a total of 3
    • Root: All files in the root of the drive
    • Artist: All files in folders by artist
    • Artist/Album: All files in folders by artist, then in sub-folders by album
  • Fixed a window positioning issue
  • Added icons to all the buttons for easier function recognition
  • When confirming the files to sync you can now see a list of files to be deleted/copied
  • Now has a more responsive interface during pre-sync and sync (to allow for cancelling... etc) by making the file copy asynchronous
  • During the file sync 3 new fields are shown: Current File, Time Remaining, Transfer Rate (MB/sec)
  • Now checks for other instances of iTunes Sync at startup and only allows 1 instance
  • Removed window flickering when launching the application
  • Fixed an iTunes playlist issue where iTunes Sync sometimes can't find your playlist
  • Now detects and warns when duplicate iTunes playlists are present. Duplicate playlists can lead to incorrect songs being sync'd so syncing is disabled when duplicate playlists are detected

Check out iTunes Sync today!

iTunes Sync v1.0 ReleasediTunes Sync v1.0 Released

June 10, 2007

Do you have iTunes? Do you have an iPod? I have iTunes, I don't have an iPod, but I wanted to be able to sync my MP3 player with iTunes, regardless of what brand it was... and so iTunes Sync was born. In just a few easy steps you can synchronize any iTunes playlist with any MP3 player that shows up as a drive letter in Windows (pretty much all of them do). It's as simple as 3 easy steps:

  • Setup a playlist in iTunes that you want to sync to your MP3 player
  • Configure your MP3 player in iTunes Sync by giving it a name, selecting an "identification file or folder" and selecting a playlist from iTunes
  • Now just click Synchronize and watch the magic happen!

You can configure as many different MP3 players as you need and synchronize each one with the different iTunes' playlists. Amazing! Magic! Technology!

iTunes Sync
iTunes Sync

In my quest to synchronize my MP3 player with iTunes, before I wrote iTunes Sync, I came across a fantastic application written by Jaran Nilsen called iTunes Agent. It seemed to have some of the features I needed, but I ran into occasional problems and I wanted a few extra bells and whistles... and it seems that development has been stalled for a year now, so I took matters into my own hands. And so iTunes Sync was born.

I would highly advise that you go and check out iTunes Sync right now!

ASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) v0.1 ReleasedASP.NET ViewState Helper (Fiddler Extension) v0.1 Released

May 19, 2007

I am proud to announce the latest piece of software to be released under the Binary Fortress umbrella: the ASP.NET ViewState Helper Fiddler Extension. This takes most of the functionality from the full ASP.NET ViewState Helper but wraps it into a neat little extension that can be used with Fidder version 2. What is Fiddler, you ask?

Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP Traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using any .NET language. Fiddler is freeware and can debug traffic from virtually any application, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and thousands more.

It's a great little application for troubleshooting web development problems, and now it's even better with the addition of ViewState decoding.

Check it out today!

ASP.NET ViewState Helper on DotNetKicksASP.NET ViewState Helper on DotNetKicks

May 7, 2007

If you've downloaded and enjoyed the ASP.NET ViewState Helper, I invite you to "Kick It" over at DotNetKicks. Get kicking!