TrayStatus: Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and more in your Tray!

Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and more in your Tray!

Do you have a laptop or keyboard without key lock status indicators on it? Do you want to see your CPU, memory or custom performance counters in your system tray? TrayStatus can do all of that, and more! TrayStatus shows the status of your Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and many more keys right in your system tray. You can also create custom performance counter indicators, hide inactive indicators, show an indicator for the status of apps playing audio and more. TrayStatus is completely free to use the basic features, or you can upgrade to the Pro version after a 30-day trial. Try it for free today!

TrayStatus in the System Tray
Show Key Status

Show Key StatusShow the status of the Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, Kana, Alt, Ctrl, Shift and Win keys in your system tray.

Performance Status Indicators

Performance Status IndicatorsShow CPU, memory, or hard drive activity, or use performance counters to monitor things like disk queue length, network activity, IIS requests and much more.


NotificationsPlay a sound or show a tray notification when a key is toggled.

Toggle Keys

Toggle KeysDouble-click a Status Indicator to toggle that key's lock status.

Icon Themes

Icon ThemesUse the built-in light or dark icon themes, or create your own custom icon themes to suit your style.


LanguagesTrayStatus is translated into many different languages for easier use.

What Our Customers are Saying

"All of us, at one point, have accidentally pressed the Caps Lock key or Num Lock key by accident. Then, you type a password and wonder why it doesn’t work. Wouldn’t it be nice to know at a glance the status of your Caps Lock and Num Lock keys?"
-- How-to-Geek, May 2016
Download Now
  • Show Caps Lock status
  • Show Num Lock status
  • Show Scroll Lock status
  • Show Kana Lock status
  • Show Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Win Key status
  • Show hard drive activity
  • Show CPU usage
  • Show memory usage
  • Show audio playback status
  • Use performance counters as indicators
  • Double-click icons to toggle key
  • Play sound when key is toggled
  • Show notification when key is toggled
  • Use built-in light or dark icon theme
  • Use custom icon themes
  • Basic features are completely free with no time limit
  • Try TrayStatus today!
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